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Thank you very much for attention, as manufacturer of fire extinguishers, valves and accessories, Banqiao and its partners offer a very complete range of products for fire protection and fire fighting featuring advanced technology and carefully selected materials.

      Banqiao Fire was established in 1995 and the export department Banqiao Intertrade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. We are specialized in the supply of Fire Protection and Safety Equipment. The development of specially targeted units become an essential of our company task. 
      A lot of our products are CE0036 approved with the Standard  97/23/EC and 84/525/EEC. After intensive study of standards with many European country's institutes e.g. BV Standard CE0062, PECA of Czech, EN1964-1 and PED, we are always upgrading our products to suit the international market.   


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